19th Century Bikes-Holden Motor Bicycle

Holden Hidden Motor Bicycles of the late 19th Century are sure a site for sore eyes! When I look at these bicycles, I just say "Now that's what I am talking about!" I say so because when you look at this particular bicycle, you can easily close your eyes and imagine what such a bike would look like today with a little of what I call Urban Flair.' If you built this today, even with the motor, I tell you what would put a little FUNK on it...Some wild lime or orange tires...Leave the front and back sizes the same...Rebuild the fenders to drop 6 inches down on each side of the tire and add a 6 inch fender length drop on the back and front fenders...The handle bars, FORGET ABOUT IT! They are spectacular just like they are...Frame color...I could only imagine..But it would have to sparkle and pop..While I am at the redesign here...I would certainly go to my Tailor (if I had one) and have him remake the clothes this dude has on!

SLOW DOWN BRU! Where you in a hurry to get to?!!!!!!!

George Barr and an Old High Wheel Bicycle


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January 4, 2010 at 10:17 PM

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