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WOW! Your fearless blogger has been humbled once again. As many of my regular readers know, I have a DISDAIN for bicycles that have 'Alot of Stuff' and clutter on them. It, in my opinion, just takes away from the simplicity that is bike design. My eyes start to roll around in my head as I count the number of EXTRA WIRES, gears, and what I view as totally unecessary additions to bikes that make them look more complicated (in the name of adding value) than they really are.

That is until I saw this design people and Urban Funk Enthusiasts! This design certainly won't make it into my design 'Funk Hall of Fame' anytime soon, but this design from a company called Work Cycles catches my eye on a few levels. The first is although I think black tires and black frames are totally MINDLESS and unimaginative, it works on this bike, the sprocket and chain are covered with a slick cover and the top and bottom tubing are a thing of BEAUTY. Not the FUNK, but well done...Work Cycles, I don't like ANY of your other designs, but I like this get the APPLAUSE!


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Theo said...

I know exactly what you mean! I was looking at circular saws but I really can't stand the professional models with all those complicated settings and features I just don't understand how to use. They just destroy the whole simplicity that is circular saw design.

But then a friend who's a carpenter showed me his Festool saw. Grey and green is really uncreative but somehow it works with that shiny silver blade. I don't like the way any of Festool's other tools look but I really dig this one! It's just too bad I don't do any carpentry.

September 10, 2009 at 3:21 PM

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