City Cruiser-TREK JACKS Gary Fisher!

Trek is moving more seriously into the utility/transportation market with a new three-speed they’re calling the Belleville. Well, I think I will keep this post kind of short. I am simply amazed that a company with the brand name of TREK can do such big campaign build-ups to such mediocre products! Hey, TREK, let's get real for a minute. Did your engineers and designers really think of this design, or did yall 'JACK' it from say...GARY FISHER?

Look at this Gary Fisher...and then look at the TREK..Now, sure, Trek owns Gary Fisher, but DANG...Competing products in the same company, who owns all of the distribution to both? Is this a test marketing Stunt? I certainly hope not because the TREK Design isn't even as close to being as HOOOTTT as that simple Gary Fisher!!!

Gary Fisher City 3


Most notably, look where the Top tubing connects to the neck of each design... HA!HA!HA! At least if you are going to make a Knock-Off TREK...At least have other engineers, outsourced or something come up with a design that is different than one you already own...and oh yeh...make a better one the 2nd time around! I feel like laughing, kind of like Nelson...on the Simpsons!


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Anonymous said...

If you knew anything about the bicycle industry, you would know by now, that Trek and Gary Fisher are the same company. So many of your posts are nothing more than uneducated opinions. What does any of these uneducated opinions have to do with Marshall Taylor?

What would Marshall Taylor think about you trying to represent him?

September 9, 2009 at 8:12 PM

doug said...

Yeah, you did acknowledge that Trek owns Gary Fisher (has for over 15 years), so I'm not sure of the point of this post. Gary Fisher designers ARE Trek designers.
Have you never heard of a large company having high-end & low-end versions of the same product? Is that really a foreign concept to you?
Personally I prefer the look of the Trek, but I'm old & like older, more-utilitarian looking designs.
And if I bought the Gary Fisher, I'd have to add racks & generator lights to make it actually useful on a daily basis. I do like the Fisher version of the top tube more than the Trek version, though.

September 13, 2009 at 4:22 PM

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