Moulton Bikes- A Disciplined Company

The Moulton Bicycle is the original full suspension, separable, small wheeled, high performance bicycle. World renowned for speed, efficiency, durability and comfort.
Expertly engineered for over 50 years and handcrafted in England, these bicycles are the world's most efficient form of transport - designed for universal use, real performance and comfort.

That copy is straight off of their website, now let's get down to some REAL DESIGN DISCUSSION! Umm..hmmm...I really do not have a whole lot to say about these bikes. As the famous (to some infamous) Rush Limbaugh would say, "I mean, this is what it is!" Or an old street hustler from the 1970s would put it like this "Hey young blood, it TIZ what it T...I...Z...!" I am 6'5, 230lbs. so I would look like a Circus Clown on one of their miniature bicycles during the circus acts in the middle ring!

You will not see me riding one of these, but I have to give BIG PROPS to the Moulton Bicycle Company on their vision and direction to stick to making the bikes that make them stand out from any other company on this planet. This company has been around for more than 50 years and they must be disciplined to stay within this niche market for so long.

In conclusion, I like their vision and I love that they just focus on being the best in the world at building these types of bikes. Yes...Moulton stuck to their dream and refused to sell out like most others in the name of a QUICK BUCK! That is called INTEGRITY,


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