Bike Up! Handles Bars Down :(

Sorry I have been away for a minute but I have spent my spare time over the last month re sketching some of my designs and I can tell you all that my latest 4 creations: 'Smoove', 'Air Force 1', 'Funk Ball', and 'Mannish' are...well... in all modesty FREAK SHOWS! I am up to 102 designs and it seems every time I try and relax my mind for a minute, something off of 'Planet Funk' pops into my head and I have to preserve the concept by sketching it- yall know how I do it. Here is a free concept for you designers that read my blog. What would a girl's or ladies bicycle look like that is a hybrid chopper-cruiser style design that features a 'Louis Vouitton' paint job, goldish brown slick fur style seat, jewel encrusted rims (imitation of course) stripped gold and brown tires, with hoop earring L.V. logo on the top tubing (centered)? Take it a little further and put a gold chain guard with Louis Vouitton written on it with small diamonds (imitation of course). Push the envelope a little further and.....I will leave yall alone for now on that.

I'll bet yall don't know what I am talking about do you? Nor can you even comprehend the Million $$$ idea I just gave you. As I have always said "There isn't room for everybody to live on planet FUNK." Anyhow, I ran across the above design by a company called 'Mirachi'. After, again, looking at more cruisers than I can count, this one jumped out at me as having potential. The title of this post 'Bike UP! Handle Bars down' encapsulates my feelings about this design. I must say that I love the frame and the rims (although I think 1\3 more spokes would really POP), I am of the opinion that the designers lost the funk when it came down to the Handle bars. This style handle of handle bars have been repeated by 100's of other bicycle companies over the last 40 years. I really like the different sizes front and reaer tire also but I would've made the rear tire bigger and adjusted the size of the front tires a bit larger also.

The color on this frame POPS also and would make anyone notice it, however, tons more thought should have went in to the handle bar design. Many of you might not realize this but it the very small things (not that handles bars are a small thing) that can get a consumer excited or turn them off and make them say 'I really don't need that'. What would've been hot on this is handle bars that only went up 3 inches above the neck and sloped down, back and up towards the rider. Kind of hard to visualize what I am saying, but I just hate to see such a hot frame go to waste due to lack of creative follow through throughout the whole design. Above is another picture of a Bicycle offered by 3G Bikes and my friend Gary Silva. The design is hot, all the way down to the rims, but again, those straight up style-chopper handle bars just don't look good with the design as a whole.

I can tell you all without hesitation that had it not been for the handle bars on this 3G creation, this definitely would have made my Top 5 Designs of all-time! The design is perfect in almost every other way- and I LOVE THOSE BLADES! I have developed a style of handle bars for these types of bikes called 'Doggy Ears' (Puppy Ears for the ladies) that I know will change the whole look of such designs and ad that urban flair I have so often spoke about. I actually set them down on my design called Mannish and they really POP!