I-Bike Series

Greetings readers. I haven't posted in awhile but the reason is simple. I have been having one of my 'Design Funk Phases' and have spent many hours over the last several weeks re sketching as many designs as possible from my 'Rough Sketch' book onto my large pad. I had an awesome vision just a few days ago while struggling with what form I wanted my 'Buffalo Soldier' design to take. The vision was for a series of bicycles to be known as 'I' Bike'. Oh my!!!!! 'I'Bike is a process that incorporates the latest shock spring systems on mountain bikes and combines funk, simplicity, and 'Bling' decor into 'I' which stands for 'Intelligent'.

I am not talking about designing an actual mountain bike because the truth is that I really only focus on junior, youth and adult cruisers, Mountain bikes simply do not 'Float my Boat.' Large nubby tires, all the gadgets such as gear shifts, brake lines, unemotional themes and crappy bike names go against the principle reason why I design. That principle is simplicity * urban lifestyle + natural design ability = 'FUNK!' The 'I' Series has the thought process of the original Star Trek Series which is "To go, where no other bike Designer has gone before." As I said earlier in this article, I have been busy also re sketching most of my original designs. They say that Mozart never had to erase any of his sheet music while writing it because it was perfect and not in need of revising. Well folks, I can't claim that kind of genius with what I do!

One thing I am very conscious of is trying to make any of my designs 'Too Perfect' by re sketching them over and over and over again. What I have found out during this process is that if I find myself doing this, it is only because of 2 reasons. #1- There was no inspiration for the design to begin with. When I am truly inspired and not just doing 'Busy Work', the whole thing comes together in an 1 hour to 1 1\2 hours max. That includes everything from the rear wheel to the head badge, there is no 2nd guessing. #2- It is just a crappy design. Not because their was not any inspiration, but because my concept, at its' root was wrong.

A counter argument to what I just said could go like this "If something is going to be great, alot of work HAS to go into it." I agree with that mostly, but remember this one thing, "Inspiration never has to be worked on, it just comes when it will and stays as long as it chooses." (That quote came from me!)


What is a Hoop-D?

I was recently in a local Wal-Mart and I saw a dirt bike design that is known by the name Hoop-D(See attached Picture). I will not say who manufactured it but I had to laugh! The design was marginal but it proves what I have been communicating to all of you on this blog. Manufacturers are missing the point. I believe that calling this bicycle a Hoop-D was their attempt at 'Being Cool'. What they have to understand is that when they attach an Urban Slang term to their bicycles, the least that they can do is not only know the word's true meaning, but understand the impact on the consumers thought process! Manufacturers, Hoop-D means "Piece of crap!" Sorry for the swear word but there was no other way to communicate this. A person uses the word Hoop-D (at least where I come from) to express dissatisfaction with what they are riding or driving.

A Hoop-D is usually on it's last leg, about to break down and get this, any person who calls what they ride or drive this term will exchange it in a minute when something better comes along. I have over 100 designs and I must say that Hoop-D is one name I will never use on any of my products! Nobody sets out to drive or ride a Hoop-D, it is just something that life throws at them because they can't do any better. That word promotes under achievement in my opinion. The great thing is that one of the reasons I started this blog was not to criticize but to clear up such seemingly small things that could have a huge impact on the Urban Consumer and the way they view bicycle design.

Manufacturers, email me or comment on my page and I can give you some urban terms that will not only be cool, but very relative to your Urban Consumers. I have already used 100 such terms on my designs! Instead of Hoop-D, why not name your design 'Woom-Tee' which is short in urban areas for 'Woom-Tee-Woomp'. This expression is used in urban areas to mean the same thing Jerry Seinfeld means when he says 'Yada-Yada'. Both these terms are slang for etc,etc. Come on yall!?


Way to go 3G Bikes!

I recently received and email from a VERY HOT bicycle company called 3gbikes.com. Please visit there website because out of all the bicycles I have seen, 3G is closer to 'The Funk' than any of their nearest competitors. Gary Silva sent me this design which is named in honor of Marshall 'Major' Taylor. He said 'Check out our latest design' and invited me to give feedback so I am assuming he works at 3G. My feedback is this. From an aesthetic standpoint, it could definitely be more 'Urban' and with just a few tweaks, it could be funky! Nevertheless,this design is what I mean when I use the word 'Provolution' which is bringing the best of the past forward to the present and carrying that ideal into the future. This bicycle hearkens back to the late 1800's and early 1900's when there were no gear shifts and racers rode single speed bicycles in races.
I also made the suggestion to Gary to include some sort of collateral material with this bicycle educating the masses on who Major Taylor was and his contributions to the sport of Bicycle Racing. This design is very nice, elegant, but yet simple. The Head badge is an exercise in 'Funk' and to top it all off, this design doesn't have alot of 'Clutter' on it. Gear shifts, hand brakes, wiring, derailleur and many other gadgets that ad clutter, but not alot of funk.
What if 3G is the company who has the 'Mojo' to take 'Funked Out' design to the market place? I believe that they absolutely can if they just sit back, close their eyes and imagine what is it that can capture the minds of the 100.2 million people of color in this country!
Yes, chopper style bicycles can do it, but not in their present form. Yes Beach Cruisers can do it, but not doing it like everyone else does it. Yes dirt bikes can do it, but not using the industry standard thought process of design. Urban Youth don't just want something to ride, they want something that will make all of their friends sit up, take notice, and say 'Dang, that bike is ignorant kid!' Remember, it is all about the Floss.
Thanks Gary, Kudos 3G for bringing 'Provolution' to the market place and readers, please visit 3G at http://www.3gbikes.com/
After further investigation I have found out that Gary Silva isn't merely a designer at 3G but is the owner! I also saw that they have a series of designs that are called 'Chopper Lite'. I must say that 'I saw the funk at 3G and it is good.' While the designs on their home page are marginal, please go to their 'Press' page of the website and check out their Chopper Lite Series-WOW. 3G also has a 'Stepper' series and it is different and innovative. I am wondering why Silva doesn't show case these new designs on their home page somewhere. Silva has been in the bicycle game alot longer than me so I am sure he has his reasons.