The Land Rider

At just 29 pounds, the Elite is LandRider's top of the line. It delivers all of the excitement and comfort that the LandRider model has to offer in addition to several additional high-performance features that enhance its performance such as the all-alloy frame, pedals, handlebars and suspension forks.

This bike has something resembling an 'Automatic Transmission' which senses terrain, inclines and such! What is really cool is that that the bike does all the gear shifting FOR YOU! The rider just jumps on, does their thing and the rest is taken care of by the bicycle. However, I would thing that the company which sells and distributes this bicycle would put a 'Dealers' section on their website as to add a little more comfort with the buying decision people are making.

In their FAQ Section, if something breaks down or their are maintenance issues, the buyer has to call the company to get a reference for Bike Shops who can fix the issues with the auto-shift system.

No applause for this design but I LOVE THE AUTO-SHIFT System. Great job LAND RIDER!


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