Bike Tricks- Mad SKILLZ & Funky Music

This dude got mad skillz with bike tricks. And I just love the music in the background! This is what I mean when I say the NEXUS! Fashion. meets bikes and throw in a little Urban Music and what you come up with a a wholly spelled FUNK BALL...What do I think about such dangerous trick bike riding? I think this guy is stupid and ignorant...BUT HE HAS GUTS and that my friends is enough. As simple as this seems, these are the types of cats that have brought about the sports event called The X-Games..X standing for extreme games.

When you watch the X-Games, it is a thrill unto itself because these are regular, ordinary and everyday youngsters who all started with a love of stunts, paralayed it into a sport (collectively) and now are getting that PAPER (money) to do what they love to do...Trick Riders, keep breaking them bones and loosing teeth for what you love.


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