City Bikes- Bike Wheel Covers

I ran across these wheel covers while looking at an event known as Bike Polo. Very interesting activity if I do say so myself and truthfully, I do not care to know the ins and the outs of Bike Polo, but what I do care to know is the ins and the outs of these funky wheel covers. I have a friend who does Spinner Rims for bicycles and I have always believed that these were just a tad to much. It feels like what we call in the neighborhood as 'Frontin'. That is the same thing as someone who can't afford a Gucci Purse to buy a Knock Off!

However, These wheel covers are just flat out NASTY. They could be the high of NASTINESS if they came in other colors than the present black...Remember I told you a few years back on this very blog that I designed something similar to these called Doogies? Well my friends, as they use to tell us in the Marine Corps..."Stand-by to Stand by!" The King of these types of wheel covers is still my man Da Champ of scraper bikes out in the Bay area...STILL Cruisin in HIS SCRAPER BIKE..


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