Bicycles-1 Word...DANG!

The winner has been chosen...
From the 2500 or so entries the winner is Dallas Pynchon He’s 14 and lives in Boise, Idaho. Congrats Dallas! Enjoy your new Blindside!

Uh...DAAAANNNNGGG! I certainly am not into extreme mountain biking by any stretch of the imagination. After having looked at MANY of these types of bikes, I have remained just flat out...UNIMPRESSED..Until just a few minutes ago. I came across this while partaking in my never ending search for that thing which I call FUNK..What caught my eye in particular about this is the way the fork wraps so close to the front tire as to create the impression of a closeness that is uncommon in builds of these types...or any other for that fact. I love the frame color, fork color but do not care much for the other colors and especially those UGLY black tires.

I know some of you will email me and say "Well that is the color that is used"...says who? I can think of at least 10 colors that are dark and would look better on this design than those black THANGS! Anyhow, When I saw the fork on this and the closeness to the tire..I thought about this song, because that piece of this design definitely sent me SWINGIN!


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