Marshall Major Taylor-Recumbent Bikes

The first recumbent bikes go back to our first recumbent customer, Roger Hoffeditz’ Avatar 2000 in the late ‘70’s. On today (as the old church folk used to say) Angletech continues to represent the best of recumbent bike and trike design. Offerings from Challenge, Rans, Bacchetta, Greenspeed, ICE, Terratrike and others are found here on line, and in our Woodland Park, Colorado store. With this type of perspective, a thorough phone consult with Angletech results in a bike that truly fits every expectation.

Readers, I really do not have an opinion on these bikes one way or another. The truth is their is a market, I guess and these designs have their place within that market...Would I ride one of these? NO WAY! The thought of laying down for the most part to ride a bicycle makes me personally feel...well.lazy. Next thing you know, someone is going to come out with a Lazy Chair Recliner that looks more like a mini sofa for the rider to sit in. Riding bikes is about Freedom and Exercise along with STYLE...But being lazy while you ride isn't style at all, it is just that...LAZY!


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Matt said...

Recumbents aren't my thing either - but I have done some double centuries with a few fellows who completed them. 200-miles on a bike in a day - is still a tough effort no matter the style of ride.

But I would also love to see some sort of geek triathlon, where the contestants had to swim with flippers and paddleboards, ride a recumbent bike, and do that wiggle running/walking thing.

I might actually pay money to see that!


September 4, 2009 at 1:00 PM

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