Marshall Taylor-Bamboo Bike-BAMBUCICLETAS

WOW! Now this is a creative bicycle design. It kind of resembles the frame of the Veloribis I posted a few months back but BE SURE, this isn't a Veloribis. This type of creativity, while not flashy at all, blesses my heart and pleases my eyes folks. Why?

1. This whole design took some thought

2. It certainly wasn't made with the LOOK in mind, but only the material, which is BAMBOO!

3. That rear fender thing (or whatever it is is) shoots straight back over the tire and really completes this design well.

4. The handle bars sit HIGHER than the seat and and THANK GOODNESS, they aren't those APE HANGERS 9Hated them!)

I am ALWAYS a fan of those super small sprockets as I have one on my design (Iron RIDERZ S.E.) because it FORCES the viewer to look at other places other than that area of the bike. Truthfully, one of the first 3 things anyone notices on a bike is the sprocket and usually it is because they are SOOO big.

The straight across Bamboo handle bars are of the nature that they would look good with ANY BIKE and with most any color. This designer gets the APPLAUSE people, not so much for beauty, but for the creativity and simplicity of this design that says (unlike other bamboo bikes) no MASS PRODUCTION was involved. Just a simple builder building a very simple bike with the resources available to them :)


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Anonymous said...

This bamboo bicycle in the picture was created by Flavio Deslandes.

January 19, 2010 at 8:04 PM

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