Slammin' Cadillac Doors

I have long known that Cadillac was producing a bicycle. However, until now I just wasn’t motivated nor was I intentional in seeking them out so I could have a look at their designs. I finally ran across them, and well, let me just say I would LOVE to design a line a bicycles for Cadillac that are worthy of the brand name. We all remember back in the day when Caddys were the thing to own! Well, at least where I come from they were the hit. The brand has definitely lost ground to Lexus, Benz, BMW and others since the late 1980’s, nevertheless Cadillacs are still around, albeit with less nostalgia than in years gone by.

I will be the 1st to admit that I was the biggest Cadillac fan in the world. I even bought a book about Caddys when I was in the Marine Corps. This book featured Cadillac designs from 1900 until 1990. I poured over this book hundreds of times reading and reading the same information because, well, I love Caddy's. For those of you who don't know, my DREAM CAR is a 1975 2-Door, cherry red, Cadillac Coupe De Ville with not more than 30,000 original miles on it with a monster 500 Cubic inch engine. 0-60 Miles per hour in 2 minutes or more! I might even be inclined to demonstrate what is known where I come from as a 'Cadillac Turn'.

I was such a Cadillac fan that I built my Pee-Wee Herman back in the 1980’s and put Cadillac effect (in the form of hood ornament) on my bike. I acquired (although I am ashamed to tell you how) a Cadillac Hood Ornament back then, punched a hole in my front chrome fender, stuck the bottom tip of this emblem in that hole and secured it there with a small piece of hanger. BAM! That bike was cold yall! With all of this in mind, I was sorely disappointed with Cadillac’s offering of bicycles pictured with this article. Now, yall know by now, if a design is HOOTTT, I will say so (remember Nuvinci? BRATZ). But if it is garbage, I feel forced to say that also. These bikes would normally be ok, but since they bare the name of Cadillac, which means they should be some ‘Other Level’ stuff, they are, to put it mildly WEAK!

I almost feel like contacting them and asking for the privilege of redesigning these bicycles that carry this legendary brand name. Please don’t think that I believe most bicycles aren’t HOOOTTT because I didn’t design them. That kind of arrogance eludes me, your fearless blogger. I don’t have the ‘Corner on the market’ of cold blooded bicycle design, although when it comes to Urban Funk as I understand it, you would be hard pressed to find a visionary equal to me :)
I believe this so blindly that Sister Dale. my wife, said something to me the other day that just never occurred to me. She said "Baby, everybody won't like all of your designs because some of them are OUT THERE (she means beyond most people's understanding)". I said "Really?" Anyone with a contact at Cadillac, email me so we can correct this miscarriage of bicycle design justice!


Who said that?

This post is going to deal with a simple question posed by one of my readers. At the top of my blog is the logo I will use on many of my bicycle designs except for my line of Urban Choppers called 'Bindian'. Some of you have said 'That head badge can't go on your neck tubing, it won't fit because it is a flat logo and the tubing is round.' Readers- who said that neck tubing even has to be round? What if someone totally bypassed the whole neck tubing design thought process and was more 'Stem Functional'?To get all of your creative juices flowing, and I hate to do this, but I will answer that question with a question and doing so is never more appropriate than now! Who said that my logo is even going to go on the neck tube? When did I ever state that my logo is going to serve the function of a head badge? I will start off with a very short answer to the 1st question. Just because that is what everyone else does with their logos and head badges, it doesn't make it right or wrong, it is just what they do because they don't know any better, or in the case of designers working for companies such as Pacific Cycle or Huffy, their hands have been shackled and their creativity stifled.

When thinking about the branding on my bicycles, what is important is that they present as much as 'RYDZ' as they do a bicycle. That will require mixing in the best of car design while staying true to the tenants of great bicycle design. I am unable to accurately paint the picture to you of what this will look like but as 'Old Folks' used to say when I was growing up 'I'm gonna show you better than I can tell you.' Imagine this very logo sprawled across the top tubing, centered, and 'Iced Out'! Close your eyes and marvel at this 'Iced Out' logo mounted on a thin strip of aluminum connecting the right and left side of handle bars appearing as hood ornaments do on cars......Can't give you anymore than that right now because I feel you freaking out already.
As a great orator once said when presenting his case for freedom 'Not only that!' I am going to give you, my consumer, a web purchasing experience never before conceived of since the World Wide Web was conceived! What if when you went to my website, I could actually show you what you would look like on Marshall Taylor RYDZ?......Chew on that for awhile......and imagine!


To Dub or Not to Dub

As all of you know, I am constantly searching for ‘Excitement’ in bicycle design. I am still freaked out from the last blog post I wrote about ‘The Nuvinci’. I want to present something to you all that I have briefly commented on last year sometime. The subject that I am speaking of is ‘Spinner Rims’ on bicycles. Many of you may not know this, but I am conservative by nature and Spinners and Dubs are a little over the top for my taste! Nevertheless, for anyone to grow personally they must sometimes put aside there personal hang ups to experience new things. I am not saying that any of you need to put aside your personal belief in GOD to experience things that are wrong for ‘Experience’ sake or put aside your personal belief that drugs are wrong just for ‘Experience’ of it. These things are destructive.

What I am saying is that you have to expand into new territories to experience growth in many areas of your life. I am at this very crossroads right now. It is my belief that the very essence of what ‘DUBS’ and ‘Spinner’ rims (pictured here) are goes against my very basic belief of ‘Elegance’ in bicycle design. DUBS and Spinners serve one function and one function only- TO SHOW OFF! There in lies my struggle. The Urban Mindset I have often spoken of is about ‘Flash’ and ‘The Show’. I have even commented on this blog that one function of my designs is for youth and kids to be on Marshall Taylor RYDZ and for my designs to be SOOO HOTTTT other kids say ‘Dang that tight!’ I am also aware of the very real fact that sometimes ‘More is just that, more.’ To put these types of rims on bicycles, in my final analysis crosses the line between ‘Showing off’ and ‘Frontin’. Frontin is the act of pretending to be and have more than you do and in the process, look STUPID! You know people like that I am sure. People who were Frolex Watches (Fake Rolexs) or the ever present wearers of Cubic Zirconium.

There are people who would rather have a 2 Carat ‘Cubic’ than 1\4 Carat real diamond. It is all about appearances! This is one time readers where your fearless blogger, me, doesn’t have a firm opinion. Therefore, I am reaching out to all of you. At the bottom of this column, there is an envelope. Click on it and leave me your opinions. I need all of you to set me straight. Hurry!

Visit Bike Dubz at and check out thier version of Spinners and Dubs.