Major Taylor- Hybrid Electric Bikes

Hybrid electric bicycles (also sometimes called pedelecs, e-assist bikes, or e-bikes) look and ride much like standard bicycles, but with the addition of an electric motor to assist the rider. Now, to the real do! This Hybrid Electric KINDOF SORTOF caught my eye a little bit. Not because it is HOT or because I like it, but I just see so much POTENTIAL in this design that my stomach hurts when I think about WHAT IS IS versus WHAT IT COULD BE!

I do LOVE the frame, but the love affair ends there folks. Listen, I understand that these sorts of bikes have to have those LARGE disc style brakes on them, but why not incorporate some sort of ECLECTIC STYLE and colors even into that component of the design? Does it have to be THAT BORING Round shape all of the time?

The answer is a simple NO! This bike could be ONE OF THE GREATEST of All-Time Folks. Not like a Muhammad Ali "The Greatest" but more like a fleeting great, like when Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson for the Heavy Weight Championship of the World in the early 1990s! Your fearless blogger does have to give BIG PROPS to the motor being encased in kind of a cool black cover. Even with that though...Why can't this look more like a SLEEK BLACK Grill like on a car or something?

There is one thing, even in it's current form that can take these types of bikes to the next level...LOOSE ALL OF THE BUSY LINES and stuff hanging all over the place! Anyway, if GOING GREEN looks like this, I think I will stay with the Fossil Fuel Powered Bikes :)


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Anonymous said...

Ok mr. Fearless blogger, here is a reason why you should know something about the bicycle industry. Your uneducated opinion on this hybrid electric bicycle is a case in point, but wait you dont care that you dont know JACKSHIT about the bicycle industry or for that matter bicycles in general.
You comment that these bicycles use disc brakes and yet this bicycle has no such thing,it uses v brakes, but you dont know that because you dont know JACKSHIT. The disc brake you think you see is a drive for the rear wheel Mr. Fearless blogger, and your comment on boring round for disc brakes, why not make them SQUARE or for that matter why not make the wheels square.
You are not a designer nor a so called expert on Marshall Major Taylor. Where are your designs? Let us give our opinions on these! Mr. Fearless blogger! YOU ARE ALL UNEDUCATED TALK!

September 12, 2009 at 11:31 AM

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