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As we discuss topics concerning the migration of the 'Blah-Blah' Web page that should be replaced by a more socially interactive page, the question is "Should I feature my company or ME on my Facebook Profile?"I think the answer is fairly obvious...BOTH!

However, as we spoke about in a previous post concerning Company Websites versus Social Media profiles, Websites have come to be viewed as impersonal, sort of "Here is who we are, this is what WE have to offer, take action!"

Companies are always presented as 'WE' which is, from a team work standpoint RIGHT! What Social Media has brought to the table is the SUBTRACTION of WE and added the more personal approach of I.

Think about when you are invited to some sort of social gathering through a Flyer or Billboards. You show up alone and you have no idea who is going to be at this gathering.

You have never heard of the company or group who is throwing the bash and although you aren't gung-ho about going, you decide to anyway!

When you arrive, you stand around for awhile and see 'WE' (company employees) standing around in groups chatting with one another.

No one has welcomed you, spoken to you or anything. You just see a large banner on the wall that says 'Welcome Company employees and Friends.'

You came because you were invited (online ad), you were hesitant to go because you didn't know anyone (unfamiliar with product), company employees never greet you (WE) and all you know of the company is the Welcome Banner (Website). How great of an experience did you have?

To answer the opening question...Customers want to hear voices and see faces! This established repor and repor builds relationships and relationships is what will endure your current future customers to your brand. In closing, a good mix for a bicycle company on Social Media Profiles is 70 percent YOU (or employees) and 30 percent company.


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