Major Taylor-Online Ads or Magazine Ads?

That is a good question and I do believe that one of these is a better alternative than the other.

Scenario #1

You have a choice between, let's say, advertising your Bicycle Company in a major sports publication where even an 1/6 of a page advertisement with picture is, say, $2,000 or more depending on magazine circulation numbers.


Utilizing Online CPM (Cost per impression) services from Google Ad words or Yahoo! Search Marketing

This particular magazine requires you commit to a 3 month run which means you are obligated to $6,000 before you ever know IF such a run will yield desired results even though you have top marketing data that says it will.

Magazine Ad Overview

-Upfront costs high

-Long term commitment required even IF results are poor

-Magazine buyer, no matter how well researched, will spend an average of 7.3 seconds glancing at your ad then move on

-Even if interested, they must take a few more steps for further action to be taken. Interest lost in the Interim.

-Services not directly linked to magazine ad for ease of using your product or service.

-No real time statistics available for tracking ad performance based on ad distribution.

-Even those not specifically looking for what you are selling will see your ad. This diminished any company's ROI.

Online Ad Serving

- LOW upfront costs

- Ads for products and services can be changed immediately depending on response.

-Highly targeted niche markets more easily penetrated based on keywords

-Real-Time ad statistics readily available for better decision making based on Ad Distribution (Service)

-Casual viewers weeded out as keywords serve ads to only those who are looking for what you are selling.

Of course much can be added to the above. I guess readers know which way I am leaning :) As someone who helped launch a Brand called Banneker Watches ( and banneker 5 1/2 years ago, I only wish we had known then, and had the Online resources available that are available today!

My personal opinion having participated in a Brand Launch is spend as little as possible on Print Magazine spreads IF your target market is in the age range of 18-30. After all, ask one of them if they even have a magazine subscription.....You will be surprised by the results as was I!!!!!


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