Marshall Major Taylor-Resist GARBAGE CLICKS!

In the last post, your 'Fearless Blogger waxed philosophical on the need for Bicycle Companies to morph their business models into a more Social Website experience than just a regular website that are well...BORING and unable to keep visitor's attention for any length of time. Hint, if your website stats show that the average length of visit is anything less than 2 minutes...You are headed nowhere fast.

Site visits for any business that is selling a product or service is crucial for the survival of said business. Think about this, even using the BEST online shopping cart technology, the average time in the industry to check out is 1 minute 38 Seconds! What can a bicycle company do to keep interested consumers on their page for longer than 2 minutes.(Anything visit shorter than 1 minute means you had nothing of value to your visitor within your targeted keywords...OR you get GARBAGE clicks which comes from people copying images from your page for their own use)

There can be much 'Push back' on these stats but 1 thing is sure, it is tough enough to sell a bicycle off of a website because such a large purchase is something people like to see and feel! Certainly this is true in the higher price points that are only frequented by those who are educated in the art of 'Cycling'.

So what does this mean?Bicycle companies, like I suggested in the last post concerning losing the 'Contact Us' tab on your site in favor of a visitor personal page which will build community.

Enhance the 'Dealer Locator' section of your site in favor of connecting them directly with somebody at the Dealers location who has set up their own personal profile so when and IF the potential client calls one of your dealers...A personal connection is already established!

Give them a more personal experience than the 'Dealer' and 'Contact Us' tab can offer them.


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