This seems to be just a 3-D Rendering but I really like the overall look of this bicycle and for me, especially when it comes down to chopper bike, that says alot for the flow and semetry of this rendering. I hate the handle bars because if someone put this much thought into this nice looking design, much more thought should have went into the handle bars...I tell you what would really set this design off is if the handle bars were 5 inches shorter and lower to the frame. A Moustache style handle bar with 13 inch arms would be hot!

I have gotten a few questions about my tribute design to the Buffalo Soldier Bicycle Corps circa 1897...The design is called Iron Riderz S.E. (Sports Edition)...This bike will sell for $999 and I have offers on it but ya know...I just don't want to sell it for a variety of reasons. Not really sentimental reasons, but The Fabricator of Funk and I can and will do much better than this and come in at the same price folks...I will keep you posted.


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