Major Taylor-"Put it in the Want Ads"

People...I have dreamed a this dream there is a Bicycle...The bicycle has the most beautiful aero-dynamic design known to the world..the handle bars are such that you can lay your forearms in them(padded)...the seat is orange post(bar) is diamond shaped..sprocket assembly is the size of a lid on a Pringle's Potato Chip Lid, yet it has the cranking force to generate speeds up to 40 miles an hour..the pedals are trimmed in orange velvet..

Frame is a very light powdered blue...bottom tubing shoots up to attached to the top tubing at an angle that seems impossible according to the laws of physics...the tires are orange with white tiger stripes..rims are clear see through with a hub that measures 8 inches from center to top...

Spokes are unusually short, see through yet speckled powdered blue so lightly that you can barely see it...fork is see through...I need this bike so right now, as the old group 'Honey Cone' is going to sing for you...your fearless blogger is putting this dream in "The Want Ads" because...(as the song says "I need a Bike that's new" (the group says man)


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