Major Taylor Bike-Using Whatever you can Find to fabricate

I came across this picture and I just wanted to tell all of you readers something that has been HEAVY on my heart as it concerns bike design. My search for the FUNK that is bicycle design that will appeal to an Urban audience has taken me to all corners of the Internet, to junk yards here in Denver, driving by and inspecting bike racks all over this city. And therein lies the one place that NONE of us look, like could be a KEY to producing a design never before seen in the History of bike design....THE JUNK YARD!

I can't say for sure if the fabricator of the above pictured design found this bike in the junk yard, but from what I can tell, it takes the creativity of someone who is willing to follow wherever their design inspirations leads them to produce something truly unique and that, for all intent and purposes, gets me, your fearless blogger, FIRED UP!

The only thing I can really tell about this bike is it seems to be made of iron from a gate. The good thing is that this frame is clean, thin and because it is long, the weight of this thing is spread out. The color isn't great but the creativity here blows me away! The handle bars are turned backwards which isn't a new thing when building a bike that is unusual, but this is the first design I have seen with the handle bars turned backwards where this tactic REALLY WORKS with the design...Hey, I love this design, not because it is flashy, but at the end of the day, what GREATNESS has ever come from a fresh coat of paint? There are bikes that cost $1000s of dollars that have nice paint, but not the FLAIR of this FUNK BALL...GREAT JOB DESIGNER!


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