Reduce my Price? You Get the GAS FACE!

A Haggler emails me!


I am (name withheld) from Richmond, Virginia,I love your advertised bike ,I will be purchasing it, if the price can be reduced a little bit.State your final asking price if you are reducing it.

I will also love to know how long you have been using it and the present conditions is it new? Please include pics in your reply if you have any.

Get back to me.


My Response to this email;


I will not reduce the price as this bicycle is the only one like it on this planet of over 6 Billion people FELLA! It is my suggestion if you want a bike for a lower price that you visit another bicycle companies website. Here are some links to cheaper bikes that millions other people have sir.

If these bikes don't suit your taste, feel free to just Google the search term Beach Cruiser and I am sure you will find a product that is more appropriate to your financial tastes.

I have posted this email exchange with a would be buyer of Iron RIDERZ S.E. to make myself clear on 1 point. If one of my products is placed for sale, the stated price is the price that the buyer will pay, or they can go buy a cheaper more common bike from somebody else. There are those whose dream it is to live in cookie cutter houses in the suburbs. They don't care if their homes look like everyone else's as long as they can afford the mortgage payment. Then their are those who will pay extra to have a home designed because they refuse to live in a house like everyone else has.

Iron RIDERZ is for the latter discerning buyer and not the former! There have been great bike designers who started out with a dream to design bikes that were hot but once the reality of the industry hit them and they realized they would have to make crappy bikes to compete, they sold out their dream to make big money...Well...I ain't one of them people. The integrity of my company's vision is not for sale to hagglers and people who would compromise their values and dreams to earn a buck.

All any of us have is our integrity and dreams in a carnal sense. Once those 2 things are gone, you are left with nothing and to those who sell themselves out in this way, you have stopped LIVING and are only existing. Please, none of you, write me and ask me to sell my dreams for a lower price because not only are my dreams and vision that is Bike Design not for sale, I will not encourage you (by giving in to your demands) in the one thing that keeps you asking a business to do this, and that is ENTITLEMENT! Gibson and you other would be hagglers...Please listen to the video posted here titled 'The Gas Face' cause that is sure what I am giving you...


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