Discovering His Gift

I came across this video that was being promoted on a popular video upload site the other day. I am IN LOVE with this guys style of bicycle design and his creations! I have told you all in the past that I am not a fan of Chopper Style Bicycles as they all pretty much look alike to me...You know, the small tire in front ape hanger handle bars etc.

This company, Rocket Boom uses those components, but this fabricator has a style all his own. What is beautiful about this style of design is he uses all available things in New York City to assist with his design process. Subway bars are an aide for him on bending tubing and he pretty much does whatever he has to do to realize his vision for each design. He says in the video that he keeps hurting his back and has to take shots, which is a little extreme in my opinion but even in this he does what he has to so that he can live his dream!

I still do not like Chopper Style Bicycles, but I LOVE this guys creation and the icing on the cake was he referred to his designs as art even making reference that the only limitation someone who paints has is the size of the canvas they are using. Rocket Boom is on some 'Other Level' stuff and as I close this post, I will also point out that his greatest strength in design is what I told you all over a year ago, he is not an industry insider and thus has a mind that is free to do what HE WANTS TO DO! Folks, go back through all of my posts and you will not hear me make this statement about any designer I have come across except this guy..."He gets it!" Keep on keeping on Rocket Boom as it concerns putting down the funk...


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Blumhagen said...

Wow!!! This is awesome ... I am in Orlando, Florida, my husband and I are the original WiFi Pedalers we're also the creators of an urban biking program for youth called "iBIKE." I think this is gonna be a great eye opener for kids and teens. The possibilities are so out of the box. Great video

September 28, 2009 at 9:58 AM

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