BERU f1 Systems Factor 001 Bicycle

The above bicycle costs GBP 20,000 WHICH MEANS $40,000U.S.! Interesting...very interesting.

I have to confess dear readers, I really like the below Electric Hybrid...It is clean and nice!

Ultra Motor A2B Bike

$40,000 may seem like alot of money for this fine piece of machinery, but please keep a few things in mind, this is the type of bike that is VERY HIGH erformance and not only that, there are very few of these (that I could find) in the world! It makes me mad that some of you will write in and complain about such a high priced bicycle!

As I said concerning my designs, IF you want a bike to ride like EVERYONE ELSE has, go to your local bike shop and get something off the rack. For you super cheap people, go to Wal-Mart and buy some of that junk. But if you want something that no one else has, suck it up and PAY THE PRICE.


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