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As I move a little further down the road to bringing my vision of Marshall Taylor being a household name, I decided to redo the look of my blog a bit. Unfortunately, web design ain't my thing and when it comes to paying the proper respect to Major Taylor and his legacy through web design, this is as far as I take it folks! I am a firm believer that people should stick to their core skill set and this sure ain't mine as you can see.

Nevertheless, I have been SUPER BUSY working on the long range strategy to make this blog a worldwide success and what I can tell you is I am moving away from my 'Urban Design' ONLY thought process. I came to this conclusion because what I have come to understand about Major Taylor is that he was a man that had a vision, and eventually accomplished it. It was, as was the title of his autobiography, 'The Fastest Bicycle Rider in the World.' Yes, he was an urbanite in many respects but he was a World Sprint Bicycle Champion who happened to be black instead of a Black Bicycle Sprint Champion. His race didn't define him and living in a time when Jim Crow was the law of the land here in America, he succeeded in spite of his race

He overcame to become a champion between 1899-1901 even though the racing circuit at that time was determined at seasons end from a total point placement system and Taylor wasn't allowed to race on tracks in the south and was banned in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana because he was black. Had he been able to race in the south and Indianapolis AND not banned from a cycling organization (Racers had to be a member to be recognized as Champion) because of his race, I guarantee he would have been World Champion from the years 1897 to at least 1905! the Terminator said in the 1984 movie "I'll be back."


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