My Design 'Funk Hall of Fame'

As promised, this posting will deal strictly with designs I have come across from a sampling of 67 Bicycle Distributors and Manufacturers. After looking at not less than 1,327 designs, these are the ones I have picked out as the closest thing to what I think ‘Funk’ is. Even though I think these designs are good, I still want to point out that there is a whole other level of design that can be achieved. I do not yet know how these designs fit into my vision of Urban Cycling but I do know they look good to me. Not one that defines great design with the # of gadgets and accessories on a bicycle, but I am designing strictly from an aesthetic standpoint. Remember, it all about the look baby! Let’s get this party started! Criteria for entrance are as follows


1) When I see it, do I ask this question: "Why didn't I think of that?"

2) Would I personally pull the bike off the shelf in a store, say 'I gotta have this', and then look at the price (This means it's hot) or would I decide whether to buy it based on how much it costs?

3) Does it emotionally move me?

4) Does it look unique and does it appear alot of thought went into it, or can it be grouped into the 99% of all other bikes that basically look the same and the only difference being the company who produced it?

Nuvinci by Ellsworth
I never thought the day would come when ANY design would take the place of my all-time favorite for the past 23 years, always, records are MADE to be broken! This design is called 'Nuvinci'. I love the name and the design is, well, a FUNK BALL. Not only that, it is now my #1 favorite of all time people. I posted an article some months back which, in my opinion sums up my feelings on this design; MVP!MVP!MVP!

The Legendary Pee-Wee Herman
As I have said on numerous occasions, the Pee-Wee Herman is my favorite design of all-time. This is the design that made me fall in love with bicycles! This bicycle 1st appeared in 1985 in the movie by the same name. I made a replica of this as a kid for a little over $75. It was Ghetto Style, but a tribute non-the-less. If there was a hotter bike in the 1980’s, please send me a picture of it and make your case.

Schwinn’s Next Generation Sting-Ray
Please don’t email me and say “I saw a hotter chopper style bicycle than that Brian!" This bicycle was sold through Wal-Mart (that’s where I 1st saw it around 2003) and stands held and shoulder above anything I have seen in a big box retailer before or since. Keeping my criteria in mind, I am forced to say that this is the hottest, affordable bicycle built in the last 20 years! The only challenge I have with this particular design is I would've made a larger version, maybe limited edition for teenagers and kids at heart. I saw an average size and built 13 year old riding this and it looked super small! I am 6'5 255 pounds and is a bigger version were available, I definitely would purchase it!

Wild Buffalo- Taiwanese Design Competition 2005

Wow! What is not to like about this bomb freak show of a design?! I found this a few years back during research and this bicycle definitely produces an emotional reaction in me. This was a proto-type design for an annual design competition held in Taiwan in 2005. I am not crazy about the name because I don’t think ‘Wild Buffalo’ is a HOOTTT enough name for such funk as this. There is nowhere in this country where this bicycle will be ridden that won’t take notice and be like ‘Dang, that is’ hoottt’. Since this bicycle isn’t for sale and just a proto-type, I couldn’t get a price on it, so it makes my list even though I have a hunch it would cost more than $300.00. Since I can’t prove that, it makes the list!

Glam Rock by ‘Cube’
I found this design not long ago and it is distributed by a company called ‘Cube’ out of Denmark. I am not able to provide a high resolution picture of this bicycle which is necessary for anyone to appreciate the aesthetic appeal going on here. I am not a fan of Tour Bikes which we used to call ’10 Speeds’ back in the day. Over the last 2 decades I haven’t come across any Tour Bike that stands out from any of the others. That was until I saw this bad mamma jamma! This bicycle screams ‘Ghetto Fabolus’ with pearl colored paint, pearl colored tires and rims and the kicker is, ‘Snake Scales’ are folded into the paint and the seat cover. WATCH THIS- The snake skin look is also folded into the handle bars, the dark gray accents in the fork break up the pearl and snake! As Wayne on Wayne’s World used to say “I’m not worthy-I’m not worthy!” I challenge any of you to send me a Tour Bike more ‘Urban’ and ghetto fabolus than this funk ball.

Unknown Designer-Unknown Company

Although I was unable to find much information on this bicycle, what I know is that this was one of the very 1st Safety Bicycle Designs ever made. It hales from the late 1880’s at a time when the bicycle industry was making the migration from the old ‘High Wheel’ bicycle to the Safety Bicycle whose design basics survive to this day. This bicycle appears to have no suspension system to absorb impact during riding which would put it in what was called the ‘Bone Rattlers’ category of old. However, this rendering demonstrates what I have been telling you all along. Gadgets are great, but simplicity should be the goal. This features a Powder Blue Frame, golden yellow rims (probably wooden), banana style seat with hook nose that sits on a VERY high cross bar! This design is original, creative, aesthetically pleasing and for all of you designers, take note that this design, with modifications, could be viable in today’s market place. That Glam Rock will make it to the Major Taylor Velodrome, yes, I see this..and it is goog.Holla if ya hear me!


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NYC323 said...

were waiting brian d! wuts da hold up

December 19, 2007 at 3:32 PM

Brian D. said...

Here it is NYC! Even though these designs are hot, I believe there is another level of heat that can make these look average. I am meeting with my Graphic Artist this Saturday and when we are done with my Top Ten designs in 3D, you will see what HEAT is all about.

December 20, 2007 at 11:48 AM

spikey_79 said...

u rave bout 3g in another article but they dont make the list

December 22, 2007 at 1:12 AM

brian d said...

Yes I have rave about 3gBikes, but remember my criteria, especially the affordabilty factor. 3g has some cool RYDZ but the cool ones are pricey and the ones that are affordable just ain't funky.Also another of my thoughts is the ghetto fabolus nature of their designs. I just don't see it, coupled with higher prices- what can I say?

I raved in one because the named a design after Major Taylor (please see post) but even that design (Track Bike) compared to Glam Rock by 'Cube', sucks. No offense to 3g, this is just my opinion

December 22, 2007 at 1:17 AM

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Kmann said...

Is that picture of Pee Wee's bike the $75 one? If so, that is amazing!

July 23, 2009 at 10:53 AM

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