I Feel Really Bad for You …..I really do

My, oh my... I recently received some comments about a few posts that I wrote over a year ago. The title of the post is ‘Slammin Cadillac Doors’. The comment said that they didn’t understand why I was so outraged by the way the manufacturer of the Cadillac Brand of bicycles was disrespecting the Cadillac brand. This particular manufacturer owns the license to produce these bicycles and if I remember right, this manufacturer’s core discipline isn’t even bicycles, BUT TOYS! Now, I am not saying that a toy manufacturer shouldn’t produce bicycles because truth be told, the Cadillac Bicycles aren’t any better or worse than the rest of the Cruisers I have seen out there. I will not rehash that post because I said what I said and I do believe when anyone repeats themselves for the sake of proving their argument. What they are really saying is they do not respect other’s right to disagree with them. Whether you repeat something 2 times or 10 times, a person has the right to disagree with your point of view. You can’t force anyone to accept your point of view, just press your case and leave it alone!

The title of this post, “I feel really bad for you… I really do” specifically addresses one of my readers who wrote me and said “I don’t see what the issue is, it is just a bike!” Writer, I do respect your right to believe that I bicycle is just a bicycle. But one thing I know about you is that you have definitely forgotten what a bicycle meant to you as a child. Bicycles are something deeply personal to children who enjoy riding them and many adults who have never lost their love for bicycling! Close your eyes and remember the days you spent with your friends from the old neighborhood or school riding around, racing, getting into trouble, polishing your bicycle, getting mad when someone knocked it over, or the devastation you felt IF your bicycle was stolen. This may not be as true today because I do believe bicycles aren’t as important to youngsters today as they seem to have become more of an indoor crowd. This is a direct result of the advent and popularity of Home Video Gaming Systems, Home Computers, Cell Phones (texting), etc. While bicycle riding isn’t near as important to me as it once was, what is important to me is that those who still enjoy riding are provided with the choice between what is out there now, or something their speaks more to their lifestyles.My particular consumer happens to be from the inner-city. But there are other crowds like the Fixed Gear crowd, beach cruiser crowd, Road Bike crowd, BMX-Dirt Bike-Skater crowd and many others. I will not ask you to retract or take back your statement, but I will ask you to just take a few minutes, get somewhere where you are able to be alone, close your eyes and remember the old days in the place where you were a child-teen. You must have had friends, no? IF any of that time was spent riding bicycles together, laughing and clowning, understand that to many of us although no longer children, hold onto those memories and thereby (unlike you) have never forgotten what it was once like to be free, without a care in the world, and guess what? Our bicycles had a lot to do with that…Remember….just try and remember.


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