"Bike Hero" fakeout

Bike stunt turns out to be marketing stunt.
By Mike Smith

An impressive, real-life Guitar Hero short is making waves on movie sharing sites, but it's not everything it seems to be. You can check it out here, courtesy of Yahoo! Video, and it's well worth watching. The video is shot from the point of view of a cyclist riding around to the strains of The Living End's Prisoner of Society, only the ground he's riding over is marked with chalk circles mirroring the note charts on Guitar Hero. As he pedals, he holds up sheets of paper that mimic the score pop-ups in the game.

In other words, it looks exactly like the cyclist is riding through a Guitar Hero session. Not only is it jaw-dropping, it's creative, personal, and leaves you wondering , "Just how did he do that?" It's everything a good Internet movie hit should be. Except it isn't real. Contrary to its lo-fi appearances, the video was actually produced by a prestigious New York ad agency called Droga5 as a "viral marketing" stunt, and published on Youtube as if it was the work of one solitary fan. But does knowing the video's origins make it any less impressive?

Click on the link to see this video!


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