You got Questions..I got Answers

Below are a few questions that I feel needed some answering. (Submitted by some of my readers)

Question:You seem to keep changing your mind on what your favorite bike iz, so wut iz it?

Answer: If you have read my posts in chronological order, you will see that in the last 25 years, I have only seen 2 designs that I have called my favorites of all time but several others that I think are hot. To rehash, the Pee-Wee Herman was my all-time favorite design from 1985 to 2008 from 2008 until is the 'Nuvinci' by Ellsworth.

Question: Do you design the whole bicycle or just use other part sources to make what you like?

Answer: Hmmmm? At this stage I think it is a lot of design on my part, some part sourcing but ALWAYS about my vision of the 'Nexus'. The meeting point of fashion, lifestyle, and bicycle design. However, I have been working with a fabricator who kind of got on my case a little just recently. He has seen some of my designs and like I said, referred to me as 'Eccentric', however, what I didn't know is that I showed him nothing he isn't capable of doing! I said to him "I won't short you again concerning your fabrication capabilities." To which he replied "Brian, don't short yourself!" Short story even shorter, I design the frames, tires (you'll love them), logos, themes, but leave the technical stuff (cranks, welds, etc) to the Fabricator of Funk.

Question: I found your blog through research of The Major on, how did you get a link on his page?

Answer: Know this, wikipedia doesn't really allow people to promote their business on any given page and are very strict about who can link to any page they have. My link is 1 of only 3 that are on Taylor's wiki page because this blog is about, well, Taylor! This was a great (and free) promotional tool for my blog and I thank wiki for allowing me this luxury.

Question: I see other companies that on your favorite links that also are into bikes...the owners of 2 of them are african american. Are there any partnerships between you and the 2 of them?

Answer: Not yet. I have been in email contact with BIKEDUBZ Owner Mr. Culiver and DA Champ's right hand man (Champ is the Scraper Bike Founder) and we all agree that there are opportunities for partnerships, but all of us are really just starting out and trying to find our own footing and make things work in our own respective areas. But if you notice, all 3 of us know 1 thing and that is urban bicycle lovers like to 'Floss' and look good on their bicycles. It isn't about 'Titanium' this or that or 'The latest craze' (fixed gear,etc) but about 'Looking good' while you ride and being seen by everybody. BIKEDUBZ focuses on rims, Scraper focuses on individualizing each bicycle through rims attachments and accessories (and they are GREAT promoters) while I focus on Urban Bicycle design as a whole. We will hook up though as all three recognize the synergies

Question: If you make bikes, how can other company's bikes be your favorite?

Answer: For 2 reasons: 1- I haven't actually produced a bicycle yet. I am in the process of original fabrication right now and one thing a bicycle has to be to be my favorites(s) is be real! Produced! Functional! 2- I, like others am sure and believe that my designs are the hottest on the planet! Now while I may believe that, the fact is that many won't and that makes me bias and delusional. I do not mind being called delusional because when you see my designs come to life, you will think so to, but one thing I do not want to be called is bias.

Question: Who was Mr. S in the Nuvinci posting.I think you made him up!

Answer: So what. I don't really care what you think. I said what I said and that is that.


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