Monkey Lectric is doing big things for bikes people. I posted a few times about a company called Scaper bikes a few times and if you go 2 posts down from this one you can view a youtube video that was a HUGE viral marketing success from Scraper. Scraper Bikes and Monkey Lectric are 2 opposite ends of the creative spectrum. Why do I say that? Scraper Bikes is:

- Very low tech yet SUPER CREATIVE! An example of what ANYONE can do if they just FREE THEIR MINDS and use what is available to them instead of believing they have to have alot of money to launch something big.

- Monkey Lectric id VERY HIGH TECH and also SUPER CREATIVE. By the technology they are demonstrating, it had to cost A MINT to develop this concept and I am sure they are wise enough to apply for at least a Design Patent. Bicycle lights aren't a new concept by any stretch of the imagination but what they are doing is FREAKISH and original.

- Scraper is something for the average person who wants to personalize their rims while Monkey is something you got to spend some CREAM on.

- 'Scraper Bikes by Day' 'Monkey Lectric by night'.

All in all, their are huge opportunities for bike companies who are original and have a love for what they are doing. Major Taylor was a bicycle racer and VERY ORIGINAL in his day! Enjoy!


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dan said...

i like your take on it! baby champ and his scraper bike crew are just across town from our development lab, and we've swapped a few tips. we both love each others work so look forward to some crossover in the future!


December 21, 2008 at 1:57 AM

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