American Wheelman

Sorry I have been away for a minute yall. But I am still working on giving this blog a new look. I have searched through literally HUNDREDS of template and I like the 'Newspaper Look' you now see! I came across a cycling club called American Wheelman. As you remember from a prior post, this organization is the descendant of the League of American Wheelman which regulated the sport of Bicycle Racing in its' heydat of the late 1890s. They gave up control of the league when a rival league was formed by disgruntled racers headed up by bicycle racer Floyd McFarland, who also happened to be Major Taylor's fiercest rival on the bicycle track. Below are vintage pictures from back in the day and, of course, with comments from your fearless blogger- ME!

Now this design is HOOOOTTTTT! High arching tubing.....R U KIDDING ME?

A mix of early bicycle models!

Little girl on an early tricycle model- Chillin!

She straight ganstar ain't she?

FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD! Ain't this a Munchskin from the Wizard of Oz?

Dang girl- That corsett looks like it is SQUASHING YOU- BREATHE HONEY!


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