In the Beginning...

1880- Dicycle

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Achieved popularity by replacing two-wheeled models with three-wheelers. The most successful dicycle was invented by the Englishman E.C.F. Otto during the heyday of the ordinary cycle in 1880. Its two large wheels placed side by side were driven by a left and right pedal. The vehicle enabled smooth turning by relaxing the pedal on the side of the turn so that the wheel on the other side spun faster. Compared to the ordinary cycle which placed the rider high in the air, the dicycle offered a more stable feeling, placing the rider between the right and left wheels. This high degree of safety made it a hot topic as the vehicle of the times. Upon the introduction of the dicycle, the Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) in England almost immediately produced 1,000 of these vehicles.

And you ride something similar to this TODAY!

With equal-sized wheels, this was the prototype of the modern-day bicycle. John Kemp Starley, a nephew of James Starley, the man who built the Ariel in 1870 and subsequently designed a number of safety bicycles, built the Rover with equal-sized wheels. This bicycle improved the performance of racing ordinaries which had reached their limit in the quest for speed in 1884. The saddle, handlebars, and crank axle were well balanced and logically placed, and this established the shape of the bicycle as we know it today. Two or three years thereafter, the bicycle's components such as the frame material, tires, variable speed gears, saddle, and chain were rapidly made practical.

Lawson Model-1879

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First leg-powered bicycle driven by a chain to the rear wheel. In 1879, an Englishman by the name of Harry John Lawson produced the first bicycle driven by a chain to the rear wheel. He positioned the pedals in between the front and rear wheels, and had the pedaling motion conducted to the rear wheel via a chain. It was not until five years later in 1884 that a model, named the Lawson Bicyclette, appeared which could withstand the rigors of actual use


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