A Sad Day for Jaguar

I read an article awhile back and the person interviewed was one of my contacts in the industry, one Gary Silva of 3G Bikes. In the article, Gary said someone saw some of his designs and Jaguar signed him to some sort of deal to design bikes for them. Since that time, I have been on the hunt to see exactly what Gary came up with. I haven't found any of his designs for Jaguar but I have found a few others. Jag and Hummer are making a serious play in the bike market RIGHT NOW! I will wait and see.

After my experience with Cadillac Bicycles, I was hoping for the best and expecting the worst. As you all know, I was severely disappointed with whoever Cadillac licensed their name to for the purpose of manufacturing Cadillac Bikes. They are a JOKE! The designs are below average and Cadillac is letting their licensee sell them in a 'Big Box' price point of $100-$200. WOW! I am sad to inform you that Jaguar appears to have done the same thing. They have lent their INCREDIBLE BRAND NAME to some very poor, cookie-cutter designed, mass manufactured bikes.

First, I want to say to those who licensed their brand names, Cadillac and Jaguar, it isn't too late to pull your brand back from the cliff that Schwinn went over not so long ago. In the 1990s, Schwinn, probably the greatest brand of bicycle ever, put their product in Big Box Retailers and although they sell alot of bicycles their, they killed the brand value and Independent Bicycle Dealers stopped selling Schwinn.
Schwinn's brand is so pathetic now that serious bicyclist won't even look at it to ride.

Back to the issue at hand, a brand like Jaguar, which is a premium priced car, should NOT be lending their brand for such a pitiful effort at design. I believe they shouldn't dabble in the Performance and Premium priced bicycles because they will never be the best in the world at it, as they were at one time in the automobile markets, but I do believe they could make some noise in the $599-$1,499 price point! To do so, they have got to get someone to design their product that has vision, someone who understands that with a brand name like Jaguar, you don't put yourself in the same price point as the Wal-Mart House Brand, 'Next'. Jag, why lend your name to Schwinn? They couldn't even build or preserve their own brand and you expect them to build yours?

Jag, YES you will sell less units in a higher price point, YES you will have to develop (if you haven't already) IDP Relationships, but it will bring your brand back for the cliff it is headed for in the bicycle market. I know a designer that will present you some renderings that will make you next SNAP! I also know a Fabricator that can take these renderings and put them WAY OUT THERE IN HIGH EARTH ORBIT! Come on in out of the rain Jaguar or risk going the way of Schwinn, IN THE TANK with nowhere to come back from.

I put the below picture of the Jaguar Motorcycle in here to just say "THAT IS HORRIBLE!" Jag, call the Tuttles at Orange County Choppers to design you a motorcycle! I don't even design motorcycles and I could do better than this...what a joke.


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Anonymous said...

Schwinn did NOT license the Jaguar name from Jaguar Motorcars. As everyone is surely aware, the Schwinn Jaguar has been a popular model for the bicycle manufacturer since the 50s.

As the owner a 2005 Schwinn Jaguar, I believe it is a very good bike for the money. Mine rides & handles very well, and has held up to the point of looking nearly brand new after 7 years of riding enjoyment.

I also happen to own 3 V12-powered Jaguar XJSs. I can tell you first hand that although they are extraordinary, fast, and personable cars, Jaguar's reputation is far less sullied by The Schwinn bicycle bearing it's name, than it is by the build quality of their own cars.

August 23, 2012 at 2:42 PM

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