Funk vs. Nice Rims

These rims are just straight out NASTY! I mean nasty in the way that when you see them up close (and I have) you say "Yuk!" Now for those of you not familiar with such things...this is a GREAT! I must say I haven't seen such nastiness in rim design since...well..NEVER...Velocity USA does for rims what 'Sweet SKINZ' do for tires folks! Unfortunately, I am just dumb founded as to how both Sweet Skinz and Velocity can make such HOT products and have the nerve to take pictures of GREAT PRODUCTS show cased on bikes that are obviously built for performance because, no offense, they are not WORTHY to have such hot accessories on them. Velocity Dealers, come on yall, send me 4 sets of your rims and I will design (or modify) something that will so stun you that you will curl up in the fetal position, look at me and say "Daddy!"

Which of you ladies would carry a Genuine Gucci purse on your arm, go out for dinner and wear some House Shoes and a robe in an elegant restaurant? (I know a few sisters that would do that though:) The same thing is going on above...HOT RIMS sitting on a bicycle design that is sub-par at best! I promised I wasn't going to do this...but as you all know by now, I have been working on a concept for a bicycle that rides smooth, looks good, exudes class and will make people 'Rubber Neck' (try to get a 2nd look) to see the concept...I still need to get the Logo and Head Badge done for this bike but introducing my personal bicycle design called 'Iron RIDERZ' which is the FIRST of HUNDREDS more designs (none like the other) set to hit the streets!

Late 19th and Early 20th Century feel!

The Logo will have a Wood feel just like the rims..trimmed in white!

Provolution at it's Best!

Some of you may say..."Well I like the black bicycle" while others will say "I like Dale's FUNK BALL"...After today dear must choose sides...'Performance' or 'Funk', 'Ride Fast' or 'Look Good Riding'...choose well my friends..choose well!


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