Funk Hall of Fame! (Updated)

As promised, I will periodically update a VERY popular series of posts called my 'Bicycle Design Funk Hall of Fame.' These are the designs in the last 20 or so years that have risen (aesthetically) above their peers. The criteria for entrance into this hall are;

1. They have to emotionally move me to a point that I would just grab them off the bike rack where they are being sold, take them to the check out counter and never ask the price. (I may not have enough $$$ to buy them, but they are funky so I would worry about that when it became an issue

2. The designer can not have sent these designs to me as I would view this as them promoting themselves instead of them relying on the 'General of Funk' (me) coming across them.

3. They have to be affordable to the average Joe. (If I can't find a price on them or they are prototypes they are eligible)

4. When I first lay eyes on them, the FIRST THOUGHT I must have is DAAAANNNNGGG! (I assure you, these are the only designs in the last 20 years or so to do that)

5. I WILL NOT give the name of the company or manufacturer, only the name of the design. (Sorry yall...I ain't promoting your stuff for free)

In no special order...Here we go!


Come on yall...The Legendary...'Pee Wee Herman'


Wild Buffalo! (Great Design...Crappy name)

TAXI! (Can a brotha get a cab in this city?)


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