Bicycles and Video Games

"This was so true-WE LOVED US SOME Donkey Kong & Pac-Man"
Since I bought a home in a suburb of Denver, Colorado, I often look out
but the window and have been very disturbed at the lack children playing outside on warm days. There was a time when that is what we did, we played outside, made up games to play, and usually, especially in summer, outside from sun up to sun down. Those days are long gone I guess. When dealing with our youth today, I found one of the reasons why. VIDEO GAMES! If you are 30 or over, you may remember your 1st experience with video games. They were typically in stores, laundry mats, or small arcades. 3 of my favorites were Bezerker, Frogger, and Donkey Kong. I still remember the music that played on Donkey Kong, it was funky! In the late 1980's. Superstar Will Smith came out with a Rap called 'Donkey Kong' and the music was that of the video game.

In one part of the rap Will said "I brake into the arcade, screamin and hollarin anticipating putting $25 dollars in." He went on to say "I was out of control, I didn't bring quarters, I bring $10 dollar bank rolls." Real or not, this same addictive behavior has gotten a grip on many of our children today. They don't have to go to the store or arcade to play anymore, the addictive product is in their homes. I am not hear today to 'Wax Philosophical', but there has to be a connection between the kids today not going outside to play, ride bikes, childhood obesity at an all-time high, and video games. As off base as it may seem, I believe the biggest competition facing the kid and junior bicycle markets is the advent and growth of home video games and gaming systems!

O.k., video games are here to stay, we know that. Nevertheless, I believe that there is an opportunity for the big boys, IE Pacific Cycles (They own the Schwinn and Mongoose brands among others) Huffy and the like to take back some of that market. The video game industry in the U.S. generates anywhere from $3.4 Billion to $11 Billion per year depending on what expert you choose to listen to. The way our culture is today, if parents give most kids a choice between a video gaming system that costs $300 (not including a variety of games) and a $100-200 bicycle, kids are going to choose the video game. MOST HAVE BOTH!

There is a way to take back a fair portion of that market though people! I wrote in an earlier posting that the bicycles today do not line up in style with an Urban audience in fashion, music, hairstyles etc. What if someone could come up with bicycles that line up with this audience's taste in culture. When I say line up, I mean in "Name, imagery, mags and wheels, floss, HISTORY" and the like? Bicycles will never fit in with this audience if when they go to purchase it, the attitude is "Oh, that is a nice bike" as opposed to "Dang, I gotta have that!" What type of product that isn't being currently produced can get that type of reaction? I will let you know in my next posting.


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