Hey folks! It is your friendly neighborhood bicycle design fanatic...AKA 'Urban Bicycle Design President'. I started this blog a 4 years YEARS years back (had another site) and I was SO EXCITED about what I was doing that I posted 3 sketches on this very blog. (I have since taken them down). Well, the names of 2 of the designs were 'Swagga' and 'T.R.U.' I got an email from someone who could barely speak English and I went to their website and it turns out they are a Chinese Bicycle Manufacturer. The little bit of what they were saying that I could understand was 'we make bike like your'.

They sent me some prices and all of this but a VERY SHORT time later, they sent me a rendering of the design (without my permission). A few months later, I ran across the below design while digging around on the net. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you MY DESIGN...Swagga!
At first, you know a brotha like me was flattered, I mean, hey I am a nobody and this company wanted my designs? Short story even shorter, after another guy jacked my other one called 'T.R.U.' the feelings of flattery were gone! I didn't design it as Electric because at this time, that genre of Bicycle is just 2 DANG Expensive! You can get a fuel efficient American Car for that much money. As was the case then and going forward, both 'Swagga Jackers' who stole my designs screwed them up and made them look like...well this hot mess and I won't even bother showing you what the other cat did to my design.

At least the other guy had the...well...sack... to email me a rendering and ask "What do you think of my design." I didn't think much of it because he screwed it up! Let this be a lesson to all of you, IF you put your stuff out there without protection, this will happen if you have something hot.

But to you others who think like me...KEEP ON PUSHING MAN! Shoot, you can't be scared to show your stuff because what I didn't tell you was those 2 designs were among my worst! I have million dollar businesses 'Eating the scraps off my broke table baby!'


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