Mercedes Benz vs. Fabricator of Funk!

German car manufacturer Mercedes Benz must be getting bored as they are looking to break into the emerging high-end bicycle market. The line consists of a folding bike, a new mountain bike and a racing bike. You can fold the folding bike in a matter of seconds and this mechanism is patented. It can be folded into two positions, one of which allows it to be pushed and steered, which is convenient for public transport situations. The folding bike also eight gears, disk brakes and a luggage rack. It’s actually their entry-level model with an enticing price tag of $2,410.

The racing bike is lightweight, weighing less than 7kg. It features a high-end carbon-fiber frame, a Carbotec monocoque carbon-fiber fork, 20 gears, carbon-fiber pedals and DT wheels in white. Only 100 of this model will be made, each priced at $7,085.

Benz is a GREAT brand folks it is just my hope that they put the focus on THE LOOK of their bicycles as they do the cars. Above is the only bicycle they make that is worth my opinion anyway. I tell you what, they need the 'Fabricator of Funk' hand building their bicycles because I promise you, he can out do their current offerings!


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