The Line is blurred.'Creativity vs. Stupidity'

Come on man?

I received several pictures from a fan of this blog. The question was simple: "What do you think of these designs?" Well, not long ago, I received some backlash for a post entitled "News of the weird'. Most of the backlash came from the last picture I posted of a boy and his wood bike. I thought it was stupid and I said so. The angry emails essentially said 'Who are you to say what looks good and what doesn't?' My answer was simple, I GAVE NO ANSWERS OR REPLY! Again, the vision of this particular blog is design and the nexus I believe exists within bicycle design that isn't being addressed. Many designers are so focused on designing something they see as cutting edge that they are missing the infinite possibilities that exist within the simplicity that is design itself.

"Oh the Humanity!Just Dumb."
I ran across a website recently called and the author of the article was Esther Dixon. The article was titled "Style Spotter Spots Bicycles". She posted some futuristic looking design and in 99% of the comments I read, the readers HATED these designs and one even said the bicycles looked like weed whackers! These are designs that win at the Taiwanese Design Competition every year. Admittedly this is a website by African-Americans for African-Americans, but all the same, WHO I AM is someone who loves funked out bicycle design and I will not waver from that. I recently posted and article entitled MVP! featuring the Ellsworth Design Nuvinci not to mention 'Glam Rock' by Cube, both companies launched by white folks I am sure. Yet, they were able to produce some designs so ignorant (nice) that it made me say to myself "Are you kidding me?"

This Design is Terrible! This is not a racial thing yall! Nice bicycle design is nice bicycle design (all 5 of my favorite designs in the posted in my 'Funk Hall of Fame are by guess who.. white folks!) regardless of who produces it. I think 99.9% of the products Pacific Cycles produce under the various brands they have acquired are CRAPPY! By brand:
1) Schwinn verdict CRAPOLLA! A once mighty brand reduced to sad
2) Eddie Bauer....Should be renamed 'Eddie Bunk'.
3) Road Master.....The Master of NONE!
4) Murray....Needs to be in a HURRY to put out better designs!
5) DYNO...Marketed as a sub-brand of GT and BMX.....BMX great brand...GT ok...DYNO?
A company that does between $300-$400 million per year in revenue ought to do better than that. I am closing, hot designs are hot designs and producing terrible looking designs for the sake of doing something new is flat-out ignorant. Comments are welcome..........


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