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Awhile back I posted about an African American owned bicycle company out of Oakland, California called Scraper Bikes. I will not rehash the details as they were addressed in a previous post (Read post titled 'An Urban Entrepreneur After My Own Heart' 02 August 2008). What I did not know for sure at the time (although I had heard but couldn't verify) is that these cats produced a video, posted it on you tube and got 2.36 MILLION HITS! Not only that, I was driving home one day and as I passed the park right behind my house, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something flickering in the sunlight.

I turned to look and there was a youngster riding a bike and his rims were just poppin'. I was curious so I took a hard left because this youngster would then have to pass right in front of me. He stopped his bike about 15 feet away from me and on his rims, he had smoothed out aluminum foil...The Scraper Bike Concept! Most of the time I ain't one to say "I told yall so", but in the case I have to remind you of what I have been saying since the beginning of this blog, where we come from as it concerns our consumer choices (at least from my experience) it is all about the look, not the functionality.

No one concept or product proves this in general, but there is a mountain of evidence pointing to that truth. Aesthetics, Aesthetics, Aesthetics people! We all know about the 'Bling-Bling' look as it concerns jewelry. Many said this was just a 'Passing Fad' and some even equated it to the 'Hoola-Hoops of the 1950's, here one day and gone the next. Well, a little history for you. Rappers weren't the 1st to wear the bling. No, no, no people. One of the most well known entertainers of the 20th Century started this. Your boy LIBERACE started this! Oh yeh my dear readers, check it out!

Nevertheless, yall REALLY need to check these cats out.....


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