An Urban Entrepreneur After My Own Heart

During my worldwide search for that 'Other Level' Urban Bicycle Design I have been ranting and raving about over the past year and a half, I ran across an urban bicycle entrepreneur from Northern California Tyrone Stevenson Jr., aka "Champ". Champ has been a bicycle enthusiast and builder since his teens. He is from the inner-city Bay Area and his love for bikes led to him building them out of any parts and design material he could get his hands on. Champ is a 'Real Hustler' yall in that he started his company with almost nothing and was creative enough to take old bicycle frames and project his personality through his creations.
Another thing that caught my attention was the 'Grass Roots' level guerilla marketing this guy has undertaken. He started in his neighborhood and ventured out from there. He is selling T-Shirts on his website and various other clothing items that will get the word out long before he undertakes any production level bicycle designs. This is creating demand for his product, educating people on his company while at the same time building the 'Ground Swell'. I am sure that there are other key people helping him with this, nevertheless, the vision is what drives the process!
He literally used scraps to build bicycles. To all of you bicycle designers and others who think that you need huge investment $$$ to live your dreams, take a page from this dude's playbook and just look around you at what is already available, use it and go from there. Champ has 'Street Promoters' out there in Cali pushing his concept, believing in the dream and following wherever he leads. Man, I am speechless.

His website is and not only am I going to recommend that you visit his site, but also support him through the purchase of some of the T-Shirts and apparel he has for sale there. Today, I am truly humbled and blessed to know that fellas like this are keepin' it real and hustlin' out there to make their bicycle design and funk dreams come true. Champ is truly a Bicycle Design Urban Funkmaster after my own heart and more than anyone or company featured on my blog, he is someone that will be a part of resurrecting the Marshall 'Major' Taylor legacy. Champ, keep hustlin' and making your designs 'Do what they do'!


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