Whenever you think of the word NUVINCI (name of the design posted), the only thing that should come to mind is the title of this post.............MVP! MVP! MVP!This is a design by Ellsworth...I am sorry if I seem to be stuttering, but DAAAAANNNGGGG! Mr. S.... (You know who you are..a brotha like me ain't gonna put you out there on Front Street)who emailed me and said nobody would buy this because it was an Ellsworth....Stop Hatin' the player and hate the game man! I want to challenge you to send me any of your designs from the last 20 years that are HOOOTTTTEEEER than this. OK, that's not fair to Mr S because there are very few people on the planet who can get to this level. Mr S... It doesn't have to be exactly your design, even if you collaborated on one hotter than this..... I will post them, apologize to you on my blog, take THIS FUNK BALL DOWN, and shout out the same thing about your design.............. MVP! MVP! MVP!


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