Chrysler’s 2008 300 and Bicycle Design

2008 Chrysler 300 Royale

I saw a commercial for a car yesterday and I was simply blown away. So much so that I literally yelled out “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Chrysler came out with a Model called the 300 in 2003 and it was the hottest production model car seen in years! It won Motor Trends car of the year award in 2003 and 2004. 2008 brought another evolution in the 300 Series. The commercial for this car has African-American people in it and it shows at least 3 different 300’s with this just funked out, 2 tone paint jobs, nicer rims than before, bigger front grills and they are just nice! As usual I thought to myself “Why can’t a bicycle design exude true Urban nastiness like that?” Fear not my loyal readers, they absolutely can and I promise you that I am in the process of sketching something right now that will be the equivalent of this car.

Nevertheless, take a look at this car yall. In my mind, this is not only funky but elegant especially for the price range it is in. The designers could have gone to far and made it look tacky (Remember in design sometimes more is just that-More), but the beauty of this design is they STOPPED adding stuff at the right moment! Ah my heart longs to see a bicycle design that flows with the FUNK like this car. Wait a minute, the time is very near and if you my readers, have just a little patience, I promise to show you some stuff you’ve never seen before!

The Chrysler Imperial is also nice. It meant to give you a Royal’s Royce image at an affordable price. It is kind of funky although I can’t envision a funky bicycle design springing from this. Yet, it shows that the auto industry is reaching out to a segment of the market that is looking for something more stylish and affordable.

For those of us who thoroughly enjoy the retro 1970’s style Hood Ornaments, most prominent on Cadillac and Chrysler, this 300 Cerebus with the hood ornament will definitely ‘Float Your Boats’. When I saw this Hood Ornament all I could say was “I saw the funk, and it was good!” Remember I told you all in an earlier post that I had a ghetto style Pee-Wee Herman when I was a kid and the highlight of that was an Old School Cadillac Hood Ornament I fixed to the front fender by punching a hole in it and securing it was a piece of a clothes hang.
Some bad news on all of these pictures that are posted here folks. All of these were presented at an Auto Show so they are known as ‘Concept Cars’. It is very common for a concept car to look a little bit different from the production model of the same cars, which is what winds up at your local dealerships.
300 Cerebus Hood Ornament


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b lien on me said...

Brian. I forgot about the cadillac ornament on your PeeWee bike! Nice picture, but is that gray hair in the goatee??

Take care,
B. Lien

January 9, 2008 at 9:10 PM

Brian D. said...


It is man! I am (You too!) getting old. You know that Pee-Wee was the hit Lien. The great news is I am going to recreate is, right down to the Cadillac Hood Ornament.

January 10, 2008 at 12:54 PM

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