Back for a moment!

I have been away and not blogging for a few months and since there seems to be some concern about that, I will answer some questions;

Question "Are you still going to blog?"

Answer: I will always blog, but my project is at a place where over the last 6 months or so, I have been busy putting my business models, plans, designs, website, strategic plan, etc together. My new blog will be hosted on the new will be BIGGER AND BADDER!

Question: "Do you still make bikes I want to see one."

Answer: I have been building momentum for the brand over the last 2.5 years +. This has taken place by groundswell. Groundswell is GREAT, but the time comes when the project has to be funded! That time has been in the last few months. While launching another company and, I had the chance to deal with MANY INVESTORS. That is one thing (at this stage anyway) that I REFUSE TO DO! Not because I don't like asking for $$$, it is actually quiet pleasurable and fun. However, I will not (as with Banneker) have investors controlling the direction of my company.

To wrap this up...I have had my first design, which is a modification which is called 'Illuminati'. The plan is to build one bike at a time HANDMADE!

Question: "What is the name of your company?"

Answer: Ummm...Hmmm...You will have to wait on that one and NO it isn't called Major Taylor!!!!! Not that Major Taylor wouldn't be HOT, but it would be a HOT POTATO to deal with!

Question: (More of a statement) "You are all talk!"

Answer: Hey, I will accept that....for now....I promise you when my designs drop, YOU WILL EAT THOSE WORDS! I am literally, the hottest 'Recreational Bicycle Designer' on the planet...This is not me BRAGGING...It is just fact.


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