A Bicycle with Wood Overlay

Designer Roland Kaufman is responsible for this bicycle (pictured below). When I 1st saw this it took me awhile to process what I was seeing. This is the 2nd bicycle I have seen with wood used in such an extensive way. How do I feel about it? Hmmm? DAAAAAAAANNNNGGGG! The use of wood here is certainly different and is to be commended and I rather enjoy just thinking about the possibilities with wood overlaid on a frame.

Now the other design I ran across was about 95% wood which to me just looked, well……….stupid. I have been imagining what wood would look like if designed on a bicycle, as overlay with different colored woods. Never one to just imagine where design is concerned, I put my thoughts into action and came up with a designn called ‘P Funk’ and laid down some ‘Purple Heart’ wood stripping throughout the frame and it is nice!

The pictured design could be so much funkier IF the designer would’ve used different colored would over lays on the frame. For instance, what would it look like to be overlaid with ‘Purple Heart’ wood or ‘Canary Yellow’ ‘Egyptian Tiger Wood’ ‘Green Poplar’ or even a beautiful red wood called ‘Padvk Red’? At the very top of this posting are various colored wood samples, any of which would look hot on this bicycle.

Only 1 small other change I would have made and that is regardless of the color of wood used on the overlay here, the spokes (not necessarily the whole rim) need to be the same color as the wood over lay. Come on yall, how nice would that look with let’s say a ‘Yellow Wood’ overlay on the frame and ‘Yellow Spokes’ that would pop with the rest of the rim being chrome coupled with chrome handle bars? In closing, nice going designer Roland Kaufman!

In the meantime....back at the ranch...all I could say when I saw this wood creation (pictured below) was "Dum,de-Dum,Dum.....Duuuuuummmmm" Just silly!


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