'The Funk' Rears its' Head on urbanVelo.org

I was doing a little more research on the internet in my constant search for an Urban Bicycle Design and I happened across a guys blog who emailed me a few weeks back named gwadzilla (Please see comments page on this blog). His site lead me to another website called urbanvelo.org and I must share with all of you that I saw 2 designs that made me scream out "Those are nasty!" Nasty being a good thing where I come from. My heart is still racing at this very moment that I write because for the 1st time since I have been working on my project I actaully saw some designs that made me think "Now why didn't I think of that?"

These designs hail from a 'Handmade' bicycle design show and are very creative. The design to the left was simply titled 'Roark' and as you can see, from a distance it looks very bland. When one takes a closer look at this design, it is creative in very simple ways. The 1st being the handle bars which are some sort of 'Ox Horn' imitation. These handle bars are worthy of the monikor of 'Funk'! I do not propose to you that these handle bars should in anyway be produced on a mass scale because when we take a closer look at the Handle Grip section, they come to a point, a sort of stabbing point, which can be very dangerous if one's body is thrust into these bars somehow. The fork also resembles some sort of brown and white tusks! Once again dear readers, 'I saw the funk, and it is good.'

This next design is from that same handmade bicycle design show. This is a girl's bike and after you look at those "Butterfly" style rims, need I say more? My point to all this is very simple. Why can't you and I go to our nearest bicycle retailer and have the experience of seeing these kinds of designs on the shelf? The reason is what I stated many months back on this same blog. The 'Big Boys' are lazy and worried more about saving a few pennies than getting the market excited! As a matter of fact readers, the only Urban Bicycle Designer you know, namely me, is going to write to Pacific Cycles, Huffy, Phat Cycles and a few more and ask them what I have always wanted to know, where is the creativity? As stated above, I think I know, but until I actually hear it from them, how much do I really know?


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