A Calculated Risk

As I near the end of my 'Re sketch' project I spoke of in an earlier blog, I find myself wondering 'What do I do with them now?' I just finished my 71st re sketch which is a design called 'Buffalo Soldier' and have 3 or so more to go before I take a well deserved break. The names of these designs are 'Papa Doc', 'Holla Bak', 'Drama', 'Flossin' and several others. I have decided to send one of my sketches to a company I wrote of earlier called '3G Bikes'. I have read enough about their founder Gary Silva to realize that this guy will know 'The Funk' when he sees it! I am not an artist by trade but my sketches are good enough for him to get the idea and make what I believe is the only wise choice and that is to say 'This guy Dale has something here, let me call that brotha' up and collaborate with him!'

After much thought about which one to send him, I am going to go with my design called 'Ghostin'. This raspberry colored design features an open-air grill on the crossbar and head badge, 3 thick spoke fan style chrome rims, chrome fork with 'M.T.' Logo on it and crab-claw shaped framed that is going to make the hairs on their necks stand up over there at 3G. Many of you will advise against this because 'What if they keep it, give me no credit, no money and worse yet, go make alot of money off of this design?' My friends, to that I say 2 things: #1, right now, it is just a sketch on a piece of paper and this may open up dialogue that will take me to the heights of bicycle design success. #2, I met with the owner of PHAT FARM Clothing a few years back while pitching something else. He asked 'Brian have you shown this to a manufacturing company?' I said 'No because they might rip it off.' He said (After a few choice words) 'So what if they do, maybe they won't but you can't be scared to show what you got that is what entrepreneurship is about, TAKING RISKS!'

I had a conversation with someone recently and he advised me to send 3g a finished product. This means I am going to go on the hunt for someone who knows the program 'AutoCad'. It is my vision to send whomever something that they can flip, turn, analyze, etc so that they can make a decision very quickly on whether to go forward with the design or not. Either way, I know that my designs are going to make an impact on a few decision makers. I have come to this conclusion based on extensive research, reading bike blogs, reviewing current designs by Giant, Pacific Cycles, Huffy, 3g, Phat Cycles and a host of others. Yall keep me in your thoughts as I take this thing to the next stage of development


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Anonymous said...

WOW! Love your vision son

November 20, 2007 at 8:38 AM

Anonymous said...

why send you stuff to them?

November 20, 2007 at 8:39 AM

Dale said...

anon #2-

Why not? Even if they don't do anything with them, I can at least get honest feedback.

Worst case scenario is they keep it for themselves, tweak it a little and call it theirs. The great thing is at this point, I have 78 unique designs,all different from the others and I got many more trapped inside me dying to get out!

As Dr. Martin Luther King used to say "NOT ONLY THAT"- I promise you when my designs drop, you are going to see, for the 1st time in history, Bicycle Designs from "The Black Hand Side" BABY!

November 20, 2007 at 9:01 AM

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