Time to "Bring it!"

I have been going on and on about exactly what I believe is lacking in youth and junior bicycle design for awhile now. Some of you that are regular readers must be thinking "This guy has alot of criticisms but very few solutions". For this posting, I have opened up my design sketch book and scanned in a few images for your review. I am sorry I do not have anything in the way of electronic mock ups in the latest software ie, Dream Weaver, Image Ready, or others but I do not possess that skill set. The truth is I was so frustrated with the last renderings of my Graphic Artist that in the last few months I have attempted to sketch myself. Although they are not the greatest in the way of artwork, my vision on these is to 'Preserve the concept' for each new bicycle I dream up, partner with a Graphic Artist and then the funk will really flow!

To often people in every area of life have wonderful ideas, do not take the time to write them down and forget them. Don't be a victim of that thought process. I have had debates on whether to post my sketches or not. One side says "Brian don't do it because someone will see them, copy them and possibly make money off them!" The other side, which is only me says "That may happen but the fact is that they may get one or two of my designs, but they surely won't be able to keep up the high level of heat I bring each time I put my concepts on paper." The great thing is that not only do I have the two that are posted on this blog, but I have 61 others that are just as hot, and I can and do design 3-5 more each week!

When I put the Funk down on paper there are three things that I always remember about the viability of each. #1- Can this concept be produced and sold within the normal price points of $65-$250 that seem to be present at the big-box retailers where urbanites like myself buy most of our bicycles? #2- When potential consumers see these bicycles, will there reaction be "Oh, that's OK" or the preferred reaction of "Dang momma or daddy, I gotta have that!" I will not have anyone say "Oh, that's just another bicycle." #3- If I was meeting with a major manufacturer on the feasibility of partnership, are my designs so compelling, hot, and practical enough that they would not let me leave their place of business (Hello Madison, Wisconsin) without signing some sort of deal to manufacturer and distribute my bicycles in relevant, urban markets.

The 1st design that you see on this blog is called "Soldier". This concept came to me while I was here in Denver at a local Sam's Club. I saw this young brotha' that had the nicest brown bomber jacket that I had ever seen. It had a brown camouflage look to it with a imitation fur lined hood with black spots on it. I thought, "That would be funky as a bicycle design. Soldier was born a few hours later. Soldier is what I refer to as a 'Short Stack' design. That is to say it is about 7 inches shorter than a normal dirt bike but 4 inches higher. The next sketch you see on the blog is called "Humps". It has what I refer to as "Raptor Ear" handle bar designs, a slight hump on the cross bar, and the bust of the coolest Camel you will ever see. An area of focus on all my designs is the rims, spokes, and mags because in "The Hood", rims and tires is what separates a nice car from a car that is funky!

More later....

Inspired by:

Marshall 'Major' Taylor


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